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Name Tanya Ince, LLC Date 05 Sun 2016 Categories Catalog PreparationE-commerce WebsiteLogo Design Author Anastasia

Tanya Ince, LLC

Tanya Ince is an outstanding solopreneur, life coach, energy psychology practitioner, astrologer, and numerologist. She belongs to a community of people that are constantly acquiring knowledge and passing what they have learned onto others.

What we created

1. Logo

Tanya requested a simple logo that would represent ‘eternal love’. Our team made modifications to the infinity symbol Tanya provided and helped her select the color scheme. Together, we selected a font and color combination that reflected the essence of her personality and business.

Logo for Tanya Ince

tanya ince logo

2. Webpage

Our aim was to create a convenient and clear structure in order to simplify website navigation.  The tiling structure with horizontal tabs design was chosen as a solution that was convenient not only for Tanya but for her regular customers, too, as they migrated from her old website.

Catalog and E-commerce

A common e-commerce practice for websites that sell products or services online is to minimize the number of clicks required to find a necessary item before getting to the ‘buy’ button. However, Tanya provides unique services related to personal development and spiritual growth. Therefore, the decision was made to depart from this common practice of price positioning. It was concluded that it would merely serve as a distraction from the main message of the business. Using tile navigation, our team designed an interface where each tile leads to a service description with purchase capabilities at the bottom of the page. Our team also implemented capabilities to create password-protected content for classes.

Catalog with horizontal navigation

Tanya Ince catalog


Tanya covers a variety of topics including: self-improvement, spirituality, and astrology. Articles are organized into categories that visitors can click on and navigate to a section of interest.

Anyone can schedule a free, 20-minute strategy session directly from Tanya’s home page.


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