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Name Red Rocks Spa Date 04 Fri 2016 Categories Brochure DesignBusiness Cards DesignCatalog PreparationE-commerce WebsiteLogo Design Author Anastasia

Red Rocks Spa

When we started working on this project, Nadia Golosovskaya had recently acquired the Red Rocks Spa in Denver, Colorado. With a background in interior design as well as extensive experience in hospitality management, Nadia was looking to develop a welcoming website for the Red Rock Spa.  

What we did

1. Logo

Nadia provided us with a hand drawn sketch that was transferred to a digital image. As soon as the logo was completed, several other stationary elements were developed. These elements included: folders, brochures, and business cards. We also designed new window banners for the business space.

red rocks spa logo
red rocks spa business card
red rocks spa business card
red rocks spa folder
red rocks spa flyer back
red rocks spa flyer front

2. Website


​Our designer was tasked with projecting the same warm atmosphere and relaxation vibe found at the Red Rocks Spa. As web developers, our goal was to arrange the elements in a convenient manner for the user. We integrated the catalog with a horizontal category menu, which only selects the items that belong to a specific category. At the same time, each of the catalog items have several options.  For example, each massage service has multiple timing options available for selection by the customer.

red rocks spa catalog

Booking and e-commerce

The Red Rocks Spa provides on-site services and sells gift cards in various amounts through their website. The rest of the services can be scheduled to ensure that requested specialists will be available at the desired time. We also created a custom pipeline for bookings that operates using cascading logic with multiple field dependencies.


Graphic designer
Back-end developer
Front-end developer
Content manager