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Name Marcum PC Date 10 Mon 2016 Categories Brochure DesignBusiness Cards DesignLogo DesignStandard Website Author Anastasia

Marcum PC

Gregory W. Marcum, P.E. J.D., started his private practice three years ago. Marcum provides counsel to another law firm and has over a decade of practice to his credit. Marcum’s private practice has experienced continuous business growth and is located in the heart of Houston, Texas. The Texites team was hired to create an online representation for Marcum’s firm.

What we did

1. Logo

The first step was to create a logo that would showcase the strength behind Marcum’s own practices; pulling pieces together through creative reasoning in order to form one solution. When looking at the logo, your mind detects the letter M within the discreet design. We used a strong red tone in order to project and capture the firm’s sense of fortitude. Once the logo was finished, our graphic designer completed the business cards, brochures, and a banner.

marcum pc logo
marcum pc business card
marcum pc business card
marcum pc banner
marcum pc banner

2. Website

The idea for the website design comes from the correlation between the thought process and how one notion flows into another. Marcum mostly works with corporate clients. These clients value their time and need to find resolutions in as sensible a manner as possible. Therefore, we created a webpage with a sleek design, concise content, and flowing elements throughout. For example, as you enter the home page, the slider has just one focus sentence that continuously re-loads. Scrolling down the home page enables additional ‘lazy load’ elements to appear. Similar concepts can be seen throughout the website.


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