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Name EnhanceCo, Inc Date 06 Wed 2016 Categories Business Cards DesignLogo DesignStandard Website Author Anastasia

EnhanceCo, Inc

EnhanceCo, Inc. is a family-owned company specializing in internal and external corrosion inspection and maintenance that has been in business for over 30 years. EnhanceCo is run by top-tier professionals with expertise in oil and gas pipeline business regulations, components testing, and compliance requirements. Tom Pickthall Jr, the CEO of the company, approached us with aspirations to both modernize the company logo and completely rebuild its website.

What we did

1. Logo

Our objective was to modernize the logo without affecting the identity of a well-established brand. As a result, we produced a high-resolution image of the logo and delivered in web, print, and transparent-background format. Our team also worked on updating the business cards.

2. Website

The website needed to demonstrate services, equipment, and design aspects of corrosion monitoring equipment. Our unique goal was to grasp the essence of the business’ primary responsibilities in order to showcase them for anyone looking for corrosion specialists.

Website Elements

Equipment and Service Catalog

It was decided to keep the catalog simple in order to support a user-friendly experience. To accomplish this, we used image slides of the equipment from each category of EnhanceCo’s available stock. Representative components are chosen by the customer and displayed as image slides next to their descriptions. In this manner, the inventory can be viewed in its entirety without overburdening the viewer.

Services page

So that individual services can be conveniently shown or hidden during browsing, we created a single-page summary with an accordion view. Pages detailing more specific services were also constructed for more curious visitors. This contributes to a better search engine optimization (SEO) ranking over time.


An events page lists the upcoming conferences where EnhanceCo will be presenting their services. This page also provides information on when they will be organizing training sessions.


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Front-end developer
Content manager