Project Details
Name BlackJack Pawn Date 12 Tue 2016 Categories Logo DesignStandard Website Author Anastasia

BlackJack Pawn

Blackjack Pawn is a well-established pawnshop in Black Hawk, Colorado that recently changed ownership. It is the only pawnshop within 30 miles of at least 20 casinos; which is where it receives many of its clients.

What we did

1. Logo

Previously, the name of the store was used as its logo. We went through several iterations of the logo design, finding inspiration in the game of blackjack and the mountainous views around Black Hawk. The finalized logo was a result of striking synergy between the designer and the owner.

blackjack logo

2. Website

Homepage design was requested to have a casino-feel; to be simple, yet functional. The features we implemented on the website include the following:

  • Any existing client can pay for their ticket using the website.
  • BlackJack Pawn’s Ebay store was synchronized with the website using Ebay API. Visitors to the BlackJack Pawn website can start viewing inventory from their host site and easily transition to their Ebay store.
  • In-store inventory can be reviewed before visiting the store. We separated the products into four categories for a more navigable browsing experience. The four categories are then showcased in a gallery format, where each picture has a description and a price.
  • In order to provide prospective clients with better service, a quote can be attained when an image and item description are received through the website.


Graphic designer
Back-end developer
Front-end developer
Content manager