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Name B&G Flavored Popcorn Date 09 Thu 2016 Categories Catalog PreparationE-commerce Website Author Anastasia

B&G Flavored Popcorn

B&G Popcorn Inc, a family-owned and operated company, is in the popcorn business since 1986. They started with concession supplies and over time developed a successful line of flavored popcorn. All their popcorn is made in house from the best ingredients.

What we created

1. Website

Our challenge was to create a new website without modifying company’s existing identity. In addition, we were tasked with creating a convenient structure for the most popular items. Flavored popcorn is sold in bags and tins. It is also often ordered for various fundraisers.

We started by designing a homepage with three main categories: ‘create a tin’, ‘grab a bag’, and ‘fundraiser’.


While our designer worked on the images of popcorn taken in the store, the developers created a standard catalog for the bagged popcorn and a custom multi-step builder for popcorn in tins. In the first step, three popcorn flavors can be added to any tin. To facilitate the selection process, we used real life images of B&G popcorn instead of the standard drop-down menu. In the second step, customer gets to pick tin size and design.

bg popcorn product builder
bg popcorn product builder


Website is equipped with a blog. It is not anticipated to be very active. However, once in awhile interesting news and seasonal events that popcorn fans might appreciate will be announced.



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Back-end developer
Front-end developer
Content manager