Hello, World! Cheers to the New Beginnings!

Hello, World! Cheers to the New Beginnings!

Hello, World! Cheers to the New Beginnings!

In my first blog post, I’d like to introduce to you our new company and our services. With that in mind, I’m going to address the thinking process that went into creating our new website and our plan for this blog.

We Evolved Over the Last 15 Months

It all started in October 2015, when I registered an LLC, Creative SEO, with an idea of opening an online marketing agency. Throughout the year our company underwent structural and logistical changes aiming to establish an effective team that can deliver high-quality results that satisfy our customers. Consequently, the new websites and design media we have created helped our customers grow and succeed. We were happy with the work we were doing and in such, we’ve decided to rebrand ourselves as TEXITES- “Exciting Sites From Texas”!

Our services include:

  • Designer works: logo, business cards, presentations, banners, and more
  • Standard Websites
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Internet Marketing: SEO, Google AdWords, and Social Media Marketing
  • Hosting and monthly support

Texites has 8 people working together: front-end developer, back-end developer, two internet marketing specialists, graphics and user experience designer, copywriter, system administrator, and a project manager. Noteworthy, all these people have various degree levels from Bachelor in Digital Media and Masters in Economics, up to Ph.D.’s in computer science. We are a nerdy bunch!

Website Preparation

Since we were making our new website for other people, we’ve started with a survey and asked our friends and families three questions.

  1. How will you pick the right Web design company?
  2. What information are you looking for in their website?
  3. What actions would you like to be able to complete on their website?

After collecting and processing 54 submissions, we would like to share the survey results with you. Yet, if you have any additional thoughts, please comment below.  We would love to hear your ideas!

Question 1. How will you pick the right Web design company?

From our survey, we’ve determined that the most important factor in choosing a web designer is personal recommendation. Overall, the top five factors include:

  • Word of mouth
  • Portfolio
  • Google search results
  • Online reviews
  • Pricing
  • Word of mouth
  • Portfolio
  • Google
  • Online reviews
  • Pricing
  • Chat with developers
  • Fit my style

First, we’ve noticed that we can directly affect about one third of the variables that enter into the decision-making process. Factors like ‘pricing’ and ‘portfolio’ cover a total of 29% of answers. The other 70% are outside of our direct control. Therefore, we’ve decided to dedicate a section on the new website for pricing and portfolio.

Second, our respondents think that it’s important to be able to find the company on Google (17%). Showing up at the top of Google search results is a monumental task for a young company like ours. However, we have knowledge, skills, desire, and detailed plan on how to do it. In one year, I will create another blog post, where I will explain what we did to reach that goal, and maybe our process can be helpful to other entrepreneurs that are struggling to climb SEO ladder.

Third, soliciting online reviews from our customers, which was important for 15 % of our respondents, is also feasible. There are many places to be reviewed on, such as Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp, Thumbtack, and more. Hence, we’ve got to encourage our clients to leave reviews.

Finally, the most important factor is ‘word of mouth’. It is the most successful customer acquisition model that we rely on. We’ll continue to trust our friends, families, and clients to help us spread the word. Of course, we are going to work hard to create useful content and bring value to everyone we work with. Thus, this blog already has over 70 topics planned to help businesses grow their online identity.

Question 2. What information are you looking for in the website of a Web Design company?

We have received valuable suggestions on what to include on our new website, and each of the categories were addressed in the appropriate section of our website. Do you have anything else to add? Comment below, please.

Other, 13%
Testimonials, 7%
Completion time, 10%
Services and packages, 10%
Contacts, 15%
Prices, 19%
Portfolio, 24%

Question 3. As you visit a website of Web design company, what actions would you like to be able to complete?

Visitors of the website are interested in completing the following actions:

  • Contact or schedule a call
  • Read the blog
  • View portfolio
  • Start an order
  • Check progress
  • Sign up for our newsletter

On our site, it will be possible to contact us, read our blog, view our portfolio, and sign up for our newsletter. Checking on a progress of every order is also possible. As we begin to work on developing your website, we know that every minute counts. Therefore, each client receives access to a demo to see how the new site is being envisioned, implemented, and perfected. Moreover, we welcome ongoing feedback at every stage of the project. After all, we are here to help you build a website that reflects your brand perfectly

Actions to complete on a website of Web Design company

  • Contact or schedule a call
  • Read blog
  • View portfolio
  • Start an order
  • Check progress
  • Sign up for newsletter

Future of This Blog

Everyone on our team is excited to start contributing valuable and useful content to this blog. Hence, here you can expect to find information related to our credo ‘Helping businesses grow by creating a strong online identity.’ Our blog posts will approach this main topic from various angles.

We are very thankful to every person who filled out our questionnaire! We are fully committed to making y’all proud!

Cheers to the new beginnings!

Anastasia and the Texites Team


About the Author

I am Texites CEO and Founder. Being a teacher, business owner and a web developer I am able to express my love towards both of my favorite worlds, teaching and technology.

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